"It was the best of times, it    was the worst of times..."

Maybe you've moved into your dorm and that randomly-assigned roommate is making it hard for you to find a sense of "home." Or your major is way tougher than you anticipated, and it's wreaking havoc on your self-esteem. Or maybe this is the first time in your life where you've gained some distance from your childhood, and can start reflecting on the parts that didn't go so well- or in some cases, went really realllllly badly. Whatever the case may be, college is a great time to go to therapy.

Therapy can- and should- be tailored to your styles of communication and expression. Maybe this means you'd like a lot of structure in your sessions- using worksheets to track and review anxious thought patterns. It could mean that you'd prefer open-ended sessions to explore deeper themes that've started popping up in your life. Or perhaps you're looking for a safe space to talk about something bad that's happened. I build a safe and productive space for us to work within, whatever the case may be. 

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