Sessions are 50 minutes weekly and are $195 per session. All of my fees are private pay- I accept check and credit card via Square. 

If you have out-of-network benefits through your insurance company, you may be able to use those benefits to receive partial reimbursement from them. You may contact your insurance company directly to find out whether or not they provide any reimbursement for sessions, and if they do, I'll provide you with the necessary form each month that you can submit to them for reimbursement.  


I hold sessions both in-person and virtually. 

My office is located in the Back Bay, accessible via the Copley T stop and Back Bay Station.  There's also metered parking available in the area. When meeting virtually, I use a HIPAA-compliant version of Google Meet

How can I schedule a session?

I'm happy to offer a free 15-minute consultation call to figure out if your family and I will be a good match. Please reach out to me at and I'll respond within 48 hours.


I speak English fluently, as well as Spanish with a moderately high degree of fluency. If you're interested in bilingual services, I'd be happy to directly share my website's information with you in Spanish. 

Hablo inglés con fluidez, así como español con un alto grado de fluidez. Si esta interesada en servicios bilingües, puedo compartir directamente con usted la información de mi sitio web en español. 

What does being a "trauma-focused therapist" mean? 

Firstly, a person doesn't have to have PTSD to be in trauma-focused therapy! Being "trauma-focused" means that I help clients overcome the emotional and behavioral difficulties that occur after something big, bad, or scary happens. This could be an unexpected loss, accident, bullying, separation, mistreatment, or something else entirely. When something happens that overwhelms a person's usual ability to cope, a trauma response can be triggered. The emotions and behaviors that come after might include explosive anger, withdrawing from others, worrying, panic attacks, crying, acting out at home or school, or feeling poorly about onself. 

What do sessions look like?

The first and most important step for working with anyone is to build a strong therapeutic relationship. After all, when we first meet I'm a stranger, right? Every individual that walks through my door is unique and deserves to be treated as such. That's why I don't take a one-size-fits-all approach in planning my sessions. I want every client to look forward to their sessions. 

Treatment starts with ensuring my client has the emotional vocabulary necessary to talk about what's been going on for them internally. I may provide them with info to help normalize what they're going through so they feel less alone. This is called psychoeducation. Next, I teach techniques for feeling better, also known as coping skills. That way, when they're reminded of a bad thing that's happened, they have the ability to make themselves feel better before their emotions grow out of control. From there, we work on understanding the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and how unhelpful connections can be changed. Then, my client gets a chance to tell their story, to talk about what happened and process it all in the safe space of the therapeutic relationship.

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